Impacting significant leaders in Africa

Nov 5, 2018

What is becoming increasingly apparent as we tour round these East African nations (the DRC must be included as pastors and bishops were in abundance in Burundi and now are here in Kigali also) is that in Africa we now minister to significant leaders who grasp very quickly the potential of The Way of the Spirit.

Take this morning, for example. Seven DRC pastors are here, including two bishops. They have seen the fruit in the lives and ministries of those who had been through The Way of the Spirit training (in Kampala) and have begun to realise how effective The Way of the Spirit is in equipping and releasing their church leaders. They have therefore travelled many hundreds of miles, some of them from way beyond Ulvira (take a look at your atlas!) to be here in Kigali for these few days.

During this mornings teaching the delegates were, as usual, impacted by its depth and simplicity. As one commented to me over breakfast this morning,  we didn’t used to know what was right and wrong! What we should do! I don’t think he meant knowing the difference between righteousness and unrighteousness, but about discerning what God was doing and how to be led by Him.

These DRC pastors are desperate for us to hold a conference in their nation.

Janet, Peter and Margaret have landed in Zambia and are now preparing for their conference there.