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About The Team

There is a diverse team around the UK, and indeed the world. Here are some of the core team in the UK. Each has been walking in the way of the Spirit, proving and outworking the call in their own lives for some years.


Richard George is Director of The Way of the Spirit, and has led the ministry since 2001, having served John McKay at Roffey Place. Richard studied theology at King’s College London, and led a second year course at Kingdom Faith Bible College for five years. He has travelled extensively teaching the Bible, including Germany, Spain, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and India. He has written new materials and trained many prophetic Bible teachers. You can see Richard’s welcome video, or contact him via email (below).

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Robert Clifford is Assistant Director and oversees the work throughout the United Kingdom and is also UK Programme Director for the Prophetic Bible Teaching programme.  He worked closely with John McKay from 1999 to His death in 2001.  He is based in Horsham and also teaches at the Kingdom Faith Training College.

Telephone 07827 486200



 Sarah Hastings runs the college day to day and at present oversees the admin, and has been involved in the ministry for many years.  She served as a missionary in Malaysia for five years, and brings that experience to her excellent Bible teaching.

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We also have many in our satellite locations across the UK and abroad.

Many former students also now form part of the team, and would love to talk to you about what you will discover through this life-changing ministry.