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About The Way of The Spirit

The Way of the Spirit is based at Framingham Earl Hall, Norfolk, a Bible Training College, a few miles from the historic city of Norwich.

It seeks to bring the bible to life. Just as in the  beginning the Spirit hovered over the darkness and God spoke, today the Spirit still hovers, and God is still speaking  his word. He is still creating.


We seek to help Christians understand that the same Holy Spirit which moved men and women in bible times, is still moving through his word today, and to discover that God-life through scripture.

The college, only one aspect of the ministry’s work,  was established in Norfolk in 2007 by Director Richard George, on the foundations of the teachings of John McKay. The  practice of teaching its students to hear God speak through the bible,  thus addressing their lives and circumstances here and now, has moved thousands of people over 10 years and on several continents.