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Bible Reading Course: Component 1

The lessons in this component are arranged in four six-month parts.

Each six-month part is self-contained, but each allows you to understand Scripture as the record of God’s dynamic dealings with his people. Each course of study traces the work of God’s Spirit in revival, prophecy, and the miraculous through the Bible.

The first component is flexible, to allow everyone the opportunity to benefit from the learning it offers. You may want to consider both where you live, and your own initiative, as you choose which manner of completing the Bible course will work for you.

  • In a Group is the best and the recommended way of studying the Bible using The Way of the Spirit.
  • As a Correspondence Course allows you to work with a correspondence tutor if you are unable attend or form a local group.
  • As a Private Study Course means you will receive teaching through the published materials. In this way it is possible to do the course alone at home.

Whichever method you choose, you will need to commit to a daily programme of prayer, Bible reading and course study—about 30 minutes daily, but you can set your own pace.

You can plan to go through about two chapters of the Bible a day, but as you will want to God’s Spirit to speak to you through the study of his Word, you will want to allow additional time to change your understanding, attitudes and life-style. By dwelling longer on some passages than others, you will grow in Christian maturity.


Component 2

Component 3

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