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by | Apr 20, 2018

We are offering some key resources at great reductions in our Spring Sale! The offer ends at the end of May.

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Movements of The Spirit

Reduced from £15 to £10

This book is a history of prophetic movements living in or longing for the blessing of Pentecost or the empowering of the Holy Spirit. John McKay takes the reader on a journey from Old Testament times through to our modern era. Leaving no stone unturned to see how God has moved by his Spirit among his people.


There are so many encouraging and uncomfortable truths that are stated clearly in this book, truths that Church leaders and theologians need to face at what is an extremely significant time in the Church’s history. It is refreshing to encounter the work of someone who has the competence to stand back and look objectively at the situation, from both a historical and contemporary perspective. It is an added bonus for a work of such scholarship to be so readable, riveting even.

At a personal level, I believe that those who read this book will discover or rediscover, their own destiny in God’s purposes today; that they are numbered among a prophetic people that He is raising up to take their place in preparing for the Lord’s return – whenever that may be.

Colin Urquhart

Apostolic leader, founder of Kingdom Faith

The Way of The Spirit Bible Reading Guides

Reduced from £8 to £3 each

The Way of The Spirit Bible Reading Course is wonderfully blessing those who use it, but more than that it is proving an excellent tool for training people to become lively Bible teachers and preacher. The reading guides provide a commentary showing the way of the Spirit through the Bible, and giving valuable background information, chronologies and so on.

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