Burundi feedback

Feb 8, 2021

The Way of The Spirit is having great impact in Burundi. The leaders who graduated from the Certificate Course last year have been applying what they learned and Peter has just given us this feedback:

“The pastors and leaders now have direction, they know what they can do. They wrote the teaching down and they are applying it in their churches. Last year in Burundi the situation was very serious because of the virus, they wanted to open four new churches. They were short of money to buy the ground for the churches, because of the teaching they trusted God and the money came and they are very strong now. The DRC pastors in my denomination are asking when we are going back to continue the programme. The Way of the Spirit ministry has planted a great thing in them, and now they have great fruit.

The teaching from this ministry is very different from other teachings. I did 4 years at Theological College and 4 years training in Christian Leadership, but this is different; we go very deep into spiritual things. The Holy Spirit leads us and shows us what is the better thing to do. The Way of the Spirit is a very special ministry and is very important for us and our organisation, we will never stop receiving this teaching.”