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Kenya 2012



This is a report on a short term mission to Kenya, which is the fourth in the current series -organized in conjunction with the WOTs Kenya co-ordinator Paul Kingori. The team comprised Graham and Veronica Dawson; and Nigel Fraser and the mission dates were 1st to 10th December inclusive.

The mission objective was to determine the next steps for the work of WOTs in Kenya following the 2 year WOTs course taught by Paul and Francis to a group of Kenyan Christian leaders.


The current Kenyan work started in June 2010 with the intention of developing the WOTs work that had already received a previous solid foundation through the WOTs translation work into Swahili by Bishop Titus Mugi and ably co-ordinated through the relationship building by Vic Ford. However, there was a need to reactivate the WOTs work and so when Pastor Paul Kingori finished his training at the full time college in Norwich – a plan was made to support his WOTs work with a UK mission team. A two year training programme was initiated by Paul and Francis- both WOTs / Kingdom Faith Bible college graduates – to a group of pastors. This happened to coincide with a proposed Kenyan national plan for all Christian ministers to obtain a Christian qualification for their ministry to be registered in the future. They had about 18 students- mostly pastors from Voice of Gospel churches and 13 completed the 2 year part-time course and WOTs director Richard George after checking the curriculum agreed to award them a diploma in Biblical Studies. It has been a big commitment with three 2 week schools per annum, monthly teaching days and personal study. In addition there has been input from UK mission teams.

Training Facilities

The UK missions have been working at the Kipsigis teacher training college facilities owned by Bishop Joseph in Kericho, West Kenya. The training courses are held in vacation periods and provide accommodation and food at very little/ no cost to the students. It is of interest that there is a scarcity of Bible college provision in this area.

The Mission

The Mission went smoothly and was packed with lots of teaching from morning to night on a five day conference to the student group. Various topics were covered including the Abrahamic and Davidic covenants; Learning how to hear God; and Peace / Reconciliation. We had significant encounters with God- with opportunity for students to consecrate themselves fully to God’s plans for their lives and a wholehearted response. On the Wednesday night- the presence of God came in strongly and all the delegates responded and crossed a line to give themselves fully to the Lord’s plans for their lives. We then had a one day teaching session to visitors from Mollo and then the most amazing graduation ceremony in front of a couple of hundred people on the final day out in the open -in the college grounds.

Testimony from Graham and Veronica:

What we would like to say is:

We had an amazing time in Kenya. God, as always, was faithful to us and he took over our teaching; which is really really good because we knew we were pretty useless. It’s increased our faith knowing that not only does God take over each of us, he also finds a way to weave it all together. Day after day, although we were each coming from a different perspective, it sounded like it all had been planned. And of course it had, but not by us. Fantastic. There were many breakthroughs in the lives of the students, they are now at a much higher level of knowing and hearing their God.

When do we go again?

G and V

Testimony from Nigel:

Very significant steps have been made and there was a sense of the presence of God from start to finish of this mission and God’s wonderful grace and faithfulness. From the moment I stepped on the plane I felt the Holy Spirit come on me with power and revelation from the Word of God and this lasted to the moment I had safely arrived back in my own home. God blessed us in unexpected ways, with God encounters in meetings, gracing us to bring life from God’s words, wonderful accommodation, the love of the local people, seeing amazing sights and wild animals on our journeyings -God is good and wonderful to us. I really felt that eternal fruit has been gained from this time in Kenya.

Open Doors and Next Steps:

-The Local Kenyan Christian leaders in our conference were delighted and gave really positive feedback and expressed vision and plans for the new WOTS graduates to be involved in future WOTs teaching.

-Ten students are already on line to complete the next WOTs course.

– The Bishop and college administrator are going to offer WOTs as a course to the teacher training college students. They come from all over Kenya and there are plans to expand the college from 150 students to 250 students within the next year. This will equip students for the ministry with the word and the Spirit.

– An invite to do open air crusades and WOTs teaching with a Bishop in Tanzania and work with the Kenyan Bishop.

– Paul Kingori and Francis expressed a plan to translate the two remaining WOTs workbooks into Swahili. This will be very useful in Kenya, Tanzania and other countries and if they e-mail this to us- we can put it onto the WOTs website and it can then be freely downloaded.

– Commence the prophetic teacher course on a part-time basis in Kenya- this means that the current graduates with some extra work will obtain an additional diploma. We will need international prophetic teachers to fly into Kenya to teach this course at one or more of 3 conferences over the next year or two please.