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Real-Time Mission News: India April 2015

Wednesday, on plane Delhi-Heathrow


Our last day fulfilled our expectations, actually it exceed them. Sitting on the London-bound plane now (after another mad chase to make our connection at Delhi on time), I’m trying to recall how the morning went, full as I am of what God did during last 20 minutes of the evening session.

Oh thats right – Men Gei taught, well and with passion, followed by another session with the Holy Spirit firmly and positively taking the reins. Dennis chipped in, and Maureen led the afternoon group work.

There’s been a consistent sense (both through this final day and the whole trip) of an open heaven, by which I mean the flow of teaching has been effortless, strong and DEEP. The promised revival seeds have gone in easily.

I made an error during the last session of the conference, one which I’m thankful the Holy Spirit was nevertheless able to work around. Keen to hear what had happened in the delegates lives over the two days Automatically, and with much tradition, I began by inviting people to share. There were some good testimonies, and some a little tedious. The usual spark was not quite there. So I went into something else I thought I ought to do, which was to give the team a chance bring a last word. They did, and there was nothing wrong with what they did, though again perhaps the spark was slightly missing. When I finally stood to bring the final word there were 20 minutes remaining.

In Bathinda, I had planned to use Genesis 1-2 as a framework for teaching over 3-4 days. I never got past chapter 1v3. Here, having begun on Monday morning with Isaiah 35, I now stood planning to at least progress a few more verses beyond the three verses I’d similarly managed here. What actually happened was that I began speaking about Joshua and Caleb’s different spirit, pioneering, and God’s call on some to push forwards no matter what. I spoke of the cost, and the urgent need for men and women to rise up in this different spirit. Many flocked forwards for ministry and from then on we had Holy Spirit chaos as we were all impacted by the presence of God. An anointing was imparted and we were left breathlessly worshipping intensely and full of joy.

Thank you for reading this blog, and thanks to Cheryl’s prayer team for great support yet again.


Monday 11pm

I don’t know how to explain this but the anointing just continues to increase. I’m not sure I have any new words to describe our meeting this evening, all I can say is: it grows, it gets easier and easier, the open heaven gets more open!  God is doing great things.

 Monday 4.15pm



We began the two-day (and final) seminar in Chandigarh this morning. It’s a privilege to be on mission in India, seeing what God is doing. It’s like a family reunion here, with the family coming to report to each other the wonderful things that have happened since they were last together. These people are growing, and many attribute their growth and fruitfulness to what God did during The Way of the Spirit seminars they’ve attended here. There have been so many miracles, so much growth and increasing amounts of joy in peoples lives.

If you happen to have read the report on our mission here about three years ago, you may recall talk of a group from Jubbal (a village in the himalayan foothills) who came alive in the Spirit during the conference in the most remarkable way, staying up all night in sheer excitement as they sang songs to each and prayed together. I remember well how they went home rejoicing. Subsequently I heard occasio


nal encouraging reports from there, but now meeting them again I’m hearing first hand how they carried revival back to their village and how the excitement spread –  and lasted. They have seen many miracles, of healings, of conversions and of the casting out of demons. One lady who was in great bondage and who used to walk on her head during attacks is now here with them, full of joy and peace and the HOLY Spirit. They report that in learning to cast out this lady’s demons they grew so much. The delegates themselves have all grown quickly. There is good fruit form our missions which has lasted.

Mushtaq from Kashmir is here again. In spite of suffering persecution from the Muslim community, having to move his home and his children’s schooling more than once, he is in great heart and reports how the Lord has kept him and the other believers there in a place of joy and strength. He was so strengthened during previous conferences that he has travelled many hours to be here today. He is clearly stronger than when I saw him last.  Many others have travelled far to be here, 22 hours isn’t unusual. The group of young people here in chandigarh itself who have come regularly over the last three to four years are also here again, eagerly anticipating encounter with God. It’s so good to see them growing year by year. Jordan was born again during our second conference here, and today beams with strength despite many family trials.

The group from Bathinda are here, and they’re forming links with other The Way of the Spirit folk around the country. We’ve launched a The Way of the Spirit/India Facebook Page:

Easter Sunday 2.30pm


What an amazing morning! The heavens have been opening wider and wider, and not just through this trip but in recent times, whether in the UK or out on mission in India, Africa or elsewhere. There are surely increasingly fruitful and extraordinary times ahead.

We heard this morning during a time of testimony of great miracles, including large tumours disappearing and a chronic skin condition healed after his newly-baptised in the Spirit-mum laid hands on her child. Many spoke in tongues for the first time. One lady told us she’d been carried to the conference and now could walk. The whole meeting, it seemed, was full of joy and hope this morning!

The message flowed more easily than ever and deep truths were sown.The resurrection message flowed naturally into an ‘On the Chair’ message and once again we witnessed this amazing church laying hold of the word of God.

Many revival seeds have been left here. We now prepare to leave for the conference in Chandigarh.


Saturday 11pm


A rather strange meeting this evening, at a church we haven’t previously been to. Nevertheless God broke in and 50 or so were baptised in the HolySpirit. We attempted to hold back from going past the cross on Easter Saturday evening, but it seems God isn’t bound by the church calendar.

 Saturday 5pm

The mission has been continuing in the same favour and flow of previous days. It’s easy to preach and everyone is being mightily blessed. This morning we did some really practical teaching on reading the word, strengthening ourselves in the Lord, and being a mature people who take responsibility for feeding ourselves first hand from the Lord, and then took opportunity to go through Mark’s account of the cross – it is Good Friday! On Sunday (tomorrow) we will celebrate Jesus’ resurrection with the rest of Christendom.

Revival seeds are going deep into good soil. I can’t quite get over the way God is producing faithful and serious disciples here.

Friday 11pm

We’ve had a wonderful day.  Ministry today has been in Pastor Rajinda’s church in Bathinda. The day began under an open heaven. During the first session the stream of life was flowing strongly and consistently for over an hour. Maureen and Men Gei then taught, with passion and anointing, after which we saw approx 45 people born again; we hadn’t realised but there was a large group of people who had been coming to the church recently, were there this morning, who weren’t saved. They are now. baptisms in the Holy Spirit followed. It seemed the whole church came forward, though I think it was about 40 people who had stood because they’d never been baptised in the Holy Spirit. The pastor reported that at least 15 people he knew of had spoken in tongues for the first time.

The whole team ministered life, each in different ways, during the day. The move of the Spirit in the morning had been extraordinary in its intensity and suddenness, coming as it did in before Men Gei had finished teaching.

The highly strategic nature of what we are witnessing, again, in this church, is that here is a pastor who had come to 5 The Way of the Spirit conferences in Chandigarh, brought the teaching each time back to his church 5 hours away in the Punjab, and faithfully taught what he’d heard, precept upon precept, to the whole church over the following weeks and months. They didn’t just hear the word though, the whole church then sought each time to live out what they’d heard. Consequently the church has come alive in the Spirit and is growing. Since January 2012, he tells me, new families have arrived at the church every Sunday, mostly new believers.


Thursday 11.30pm

It’s been a long, hot and successful days ministry here in the Punjab. We had a good nights sleep and began the working day with a good spread at the breakfast table. Stuffed paratha, massala omelette, and good old corn flakes and toast for the less adventurous.

A short drive took us to a church plant 30km away. Here we were royally welcomed and began a mornings teaching to about 150 people, young and old, men on one side, women on the other, as is customary in India. It was a powerful first session, and equally powerfully  Denis, Maureen and Men Gei took session two. God moved and stirred people up. There was ministry intermingled through the sessions.

After a rest after lunch we headed for the third session which was full of breakthrough and ministry to key people.

The theme of the day, looking back, was the reality of life in the Spirit, the subtleties of which are perhaps lacking, in an otherwise wholehearted and hungry church. It was a joy ministering there and we reached the hotel late, after a meal with the church leaders. Everyone went home rejoicing.


Wednesday 8.30pm, India time

We have finally arrived at Bathinda, We’ve had wonderful welcomes all the way, including a lovely meal with Bal, family and team in Chandigarh. We are desperately tired but in a comfortable place to stay and looking forward to the first conference beginning 10am tomorrow (4.5 hrs ahead of UK).

Wednesday lunchtime

At last – arrival at Chandigarh airport. Now just a 5-hour drive to Bathinda to go.



Monday 30th March

We’re off to India tomorrow! Watch this space for (almost) daily reports, and even some pics.