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Those who complete the Advanced Diploma in Prophetic Bible Teaching often find themselves yearning to share the message of life through Bible teaching with those around the world.

Since 2001 The Way of the Spirit has sent teams out around the world, leaving behind them people with a new appetite for the word of God, and wanting to learn how to draw upon it for greater revelation of who God is, who we are and therefore what we can do!

We are excited that we provide bible teaching programmes across East Africa, including Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya at the request of and in support of local churches, but we are aware that the rest of Africa is crying out for a new way of receiving the message God’s spirit would give them. We know God is leading and will provide us the workers and the means to reach them.

We also operate in Poland, Germany, Malaysia, India and elsewhere.

Wherever we go on mission, one of our priorities is to produce The Way of the Spirit materials in the local language, so people can easily receive what God would tell them.

Around the world people are crying out for the knowledge of the Bible that will bring them closer to God. Read more about our missions and the impact we are having in these countries, and prayerfully consider how you could help us to send the message to more of the world.


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