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Phillipines 2012


I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase. So then neither he who plants is anything, nor he who waters, but God who gives the increase.    1 Cor 3.6+7

What a great joy it was to go back to the places we had been last year and find the very people “planted, rooted, watered, fed and growing in wisdom and statue”. Many of those who made a commitment to the Lord and were baptised last year are going on and growing in confidence, giving testimony to God’s faithfulness and providence.

This time more Filipino people were drawn, born-again, baptised in water and led into the family of mainly new believers. Two of those were grandfathers, heading up large families where then naturally the whole family follows. The faith of these new believers is child-like, believing what the word says, especially once it has been opened up to them.

There are now 2 congregations, in Camiing by the Sea and in San Rafael, where Evangeline lives. Each group going through ‘The call and the cross’ once a week, one of them using the youth version. Their hunger for God and His word is such that they also come to an alpha-style group every week learning about the basics of our faith.

During this visit we travelled to the northern west-coast of Luzon to San Fernando where a pastor couple, friends of Evangeline, organised a one-day conference for us to introduce The way of the Spirit. About 40 people came, many of them pastors and 13 young students from the local bible-college. These students and one of their lady teachers were particularly touched and caught the different style of teaching. We had the privilege to pray for the students plus some members of the congregation to be baptised in the spirit. Already I had many requests for WOTS material to be sent out to them. So we expect fruit to come from that in due time.

Evangeline Turner, previously a student at KF Bible College, heads up this work in the Philippines. She now runs 2 congregations and many children’s groups in other locations. Despite her busy schedule she is progressing well through the part-time teacher’s training. We were able to encourage her in this, taking her through the 2nd school and she has been using much of the course material in her preaching and teaching.

Last not least may I thank everyone who prayed for us. Coming back from San Fernando on an 8 hour journey by various buses we missed the bus connection in Dao and would have been stranded in the middle of the night, but our God is faithful:

A man with a van came along to gather us and all those stranded and drove us to Olongapo where our last bus was waiting. Praise Him !
Ingrid Macmillan