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Teaching and Training: Bible Reading Course

The Bible Reading course is not an academic study, and it is not a series of Biblical meditations.

The Way of the Spirit Bible Reading course seeks first to provide you with a guide to reading the Bible from cover to cover, and to assist you in understanding the ways of God and his Spirit, in all the Scriptures. A youth version of this course is also available.

The Bible reading course

At The Way of the Spirit we offer two courses of study: the Bible reading course, which is a guide to teach you to understand the ways of God through reading the Bible. It is a certificate course which you can complete at a location you choose. Even if you are too remote to meet with one of our satellite support team or at one of our missions bases, we can provide you a long-distance mentor. For those who want a more academic study, we offer a separate course in Prophetic Bible teaching.

The Bible reading course consists of three components:

  • Component 1: The Bible reading course: a two-year programme, requiring approximately thirty minutes each day of prayer, Bible reading and course study. You can complete this course on site, with a group, or on your own.
  • Component 2: Teaching and Supervised Reading on personal faith, biblical beliefs, revival vision and prophetic life and ministry
  • Component 3: Teaching days, local tutoring and supervised reading