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Teaching and Training: Introduction

The church worldwide is experiencing a fresh awakening. Something new and encouraging is also emerging on the Bible teaching front. The Way of the Spirit is part of that. It is wonderfully blessing those who use it, but more than that it is proving an excellent tool for training people to become lively Bible teachers and preachers – to lay hold of the living, life-transforming dynamic of Scripture, to apply it to themselves, and then go and introduce others to it, much as Wycliffe’s men did in their day.

We call this Prophetic Bible teaching, because it means staying prayerfully open to whatever God would reveal to us through his Spirit, as we read the Word.

Not just for scholars

Jesus never required his disciples to get degrees. But he did teach them from the Scriptures, and their love of the Scriptures taught them to become excellent teachers themselves, compelled to share their love for the Word of God.

At The Way of the Spirit we teach our students to look deeply into the Bible, where they can find its living flow. And we see, time after time, how discovering that running river of life brings them to want to share it with those around them.

Two types of course

At The Way of the Spirit we offer two types of teaching and training: a Bible Reading course, and the Prophetic Bible Teaching course (full and part time).

Type one

The Bible Reading Course is where most of our students start. It is a non-academic, two year-programme to teach Christians to read the Bible in a deeper and more meaningful way. Students read the Bible in four six-month sections,  learning to get life from their reading, and beginning to see how  how it all fits together whilst speaking personally and deeply into their lives. The course was originally written and developed by Bible scholar John McKay as the Bible element of the curriculum at what was then the Kingdom Faith Revival College. There are also   two- to seven- week introductory studies (short courses). Whether the six -month studies or the short courses, these can be studied individually at home, or in groups meeting regularly (they are ideal materials for a typical midweek church home/life group)

Type two

For those who want to go deeper, the Prophetic Bible teaching programme is often a first step in training believers to become ministers and trainers themselves. through to a one or two-year course of full time training for Bible teachers for the mission field.