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The history of The Way of the Spirit (2)

Training Bible Teachers through The Way of the Spirit

The course is producing some excellent teachers. It has used with powerful effect at Kingdom Faith Bible College, the current College in Norwich, related centres in the UK, and in other places where groups have started independently and where those leading them are becoming more and more competent as teachers in their own right – and abroad too, where a number of Bible schools and revival training centres have founded themselves round it. In several countries translation work is being done to enable the teaching.

As part of this thrust to encourage the training of Bible teachers and the formation of Bible groups and Bible centres, teaching days and evenings are held around the country, arranged by regional course co-ordinators. We also run a two-year certificate course in Biblical and Prophetic Faith based on The Way of the Spirit, and a one-year full and part-time diploma course in Prophetic Bible Teaching.

A variety of resources supplementary to the main Bible course are  available, but the needs are mainly for people, called of God, filled with the Holy Spirit, trained and equipped with the Word of life, and alive with vision to supply the growing works at home and overseas. Please add your prayers to ours to see it all accomplished, so that the Lord’s people may be fully edified in his Word.

All this is part of something much wider than a Bible course. It is part of the Lord’s revival working in our time. 

A full exposition of the vision behind The Way of the Spirit can be found in When the Veil is Taken Away by John McKay 

The ongoing work …