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The work of The Way of the Spirit in the UK (part 3)

Are you hungry for the Word of life? Then come on one of our centres or other events, ring us to find out more, start one of our courses, NOW is the time, take a first step.  Today is the day of Salvation.

The future
Many are still perishing for lack of knowledge, even within some of the churches.  We work with people of all denominations and exist to serve the body of Christ and to equip them for the work of the Kingdom.

There is still a need for people, called of God, filled with the Holy Spirit, trained and equipped with the Word of life, and alive with vision to supply the growing works at home (and overseas).

Please add your prayers to ours to see it all accomplished, so that the Lord’s people may be fully edified in His Word.

So now over to you, what will your part be in this Kingdom work?

Robert Clifford
Pastor/Teacher with the Way of the Spirit ministry

If you wish to get in touch, for any reason, my email is and phone 01293 854626.