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Teaching and Training: Prophetic Bible Teaching Part Time – Qualifications

The Prophetic Bible Teaching course is a progression for those who have finished The Way of the Spirit Bible Reading course. We will expect you to have completed at least two parts of this foundation course by the time the Prophetic Bible Teaching course begins.

To ensure that you are ready and will grow from this course, we suggest you consider these requirements:

  • Complete at least two parts of this foundation course by the time the Prophetic Bible Teaching course begins
  • Submit an application form giving us some indication of how you know God is calling you to undertake this training
  • Provide a reference from your pastor indicating his approval of your application and commenting on your teaching and prophetic potential

This course is a big commitment. We want you to succeed in the course, and to take all the benefit from it which God can offer you through this rigorous training. There will be reading to do and spiritual exercises to undertake

  1. You will attend local teaching days (if there is a centre near you), have tutoring, and liaise regularly with a mentor
  2. You will attend three residential schools, or nine day-long modules in the year. Details of the dates, venues and costs are here.
  3. You will commit to study at home, as this element is as important as the schools are.
  4. You will attend at least one of our annual conferences in the course of the year, so that you have some awareness of the base from which The Way of the Spirit operates.

Procedure for enrolling

Applications should be submitted to the UK course director Pastor Robert Clifford on  or phone 07827 486200. If you are interested in enrolling and would like to discuss it with someone first, he would be very pleased to talk to you. If you do not reach him the first time, please do leave a message, and he will get back to you.

You may also apply online, or email our Headquarters in Norwich for a leaflet. Email

44 (0)1508 495346