Training Prophetic Bible Teachers

Advanced Prophetic Bible Teaching Course

Since 1995 many have graduated from the Part-Time and/or the Full-Time Prophetic Bible Teachers course. This course will further equip those who who have already utilised this training and foresee future opportunities to teach the word of God.

The course runs over two short residential schools. Participants will be expected to attend both schools and complete certain study in their own time.

You must be a graduate of the Part-Time or Full-Time Prophetic Bible Teachers course who has fruitfully utilised the training, and anticipates having future opportunities to teach.

You will need to supply a reference from your church pastor or leader.

Because of the restrictions in place due to Covid-19, both schools will be held online as Zoom meetings. Details of how to participate will be sent to all the delegates.

The dates for 2021 are:

  • School 1:

February 24th 4pm – February 27th 1pm

  • School 2:

Juune 23rd 4pm – June 26th 1pm

Because the schools are being held online there will be no charge. There will be an opportunity to give towards the costs of the ministry.

The Advanced Diploma was not so much about advancing to a higher level, but more about advancing forward. There was quite a bit about Pioneering, which has done something in me. It’s given me an unction and determination to go for it, get out there and move forward. Although it is minuscule, as a result, I am reaching out to three different people and discipling them. It’s a start.


How To Apply

If you believe God is calling you to this course you can apply online. You will be required to provide a reference from your current church leader.