All Change at Framingham Earl Hall

by | Feb 26, 2018

Fresh vision

There is excitement in the air at Framingham Earl Hall as the new School of Applied Prophetic Faith was launched in early February and is gathering momentum. Replacing the full time school, this school will run through to the end of July 2018 and focuses on living out the prophetic lifestyle and the ministry of a prophetic bible teacher according to the pattern The Way of the Spirit has been teaching since the early 1990’s.

With a fresh sense of community, that includes not just the former ‘students’ but also the many who live in or around Framingham Earl Hall, God is calling us to be those who walk in step with the Holy Spirit and with each other, and who go out locally, nationally and around the world, taking and releasing what God has put in us. With an understanding of the term ‘prophetic’ in the original biblical sense, and as we have come to understand it over years of applying ourselves to the biblical and historical  basis of The Way of the Spirit, we might say this community is as Samuel’s band of prophets, or Wycliffe’s Lollards.

There are still echos of life as a full-time student (there is still some teaching for instance), now there are less clear boundaries between student and fellow community member. There is greater emphasis on being part of a bigger team, on living out what we have been taught, and in going out: practical discipleship and mission.

New opportunities to ‘go’ have arisen around the UK and abroad: Wirral, London, Nepal, Nagaland, Rwanda to name but some.  We believe there will be many more in the days ahead.

This school is open for others to apply to join, each application will be considered on its merits – some familiarity with The Way of the Spirit will be important.


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