Behold I am Doing a New Thing!

by | Feb 26, 2018

You will need courage and clear-sightedness!


The Way of the Spirit is in an exciting season of growing, stretching and having its eyes lifted higher and further than ever.  Following Jesus is never dull that’s for sure. There are times when we need to let go of things in order to move on with God into the next season he has for us, and other times when we need to reach out for and grab the new thing he is showing us. Right now – March 2018 – we are being asked to do both.

God is showing us new land – one day I will fill all the world with fruit (Isaiah 27.6) – and as Joshua was instructed so we will place our foot where he tells us, trusting him to give that land to us. Like Joshua we will need courage in order to move forwards (Be strong and courageous e.g. Joshua 1.6) and also clear sightedness (Have I not commanded you? Joshua 1.9).

Leaving the old country behind – even (especially?) when it was good country, is essential in order to stay in step with Him.

Watch this space for further news. Onward christian soldiers!