Welcome to The Way of the Spirit Beverley

Our vision is to see people growing in the Spirit, healed, restored, refreshed, envisioned and on fire for God.

“Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his Word by the signs that accompanied it.”  [Mark 16:20]

We are seeing this happen in our midst.  One example of this occurred earlier this year when someone who attended one of our Teaching Days came forward to be prayed for regarding pain in her foot.  As she got up to come, the pain completely went.

Teaching Days 2021/22

All Teaching Days will be 1pm – 4pm at CHAT SHOP (see opposite).

Personal Faith and Biblical Belief


2nd October 2021
God’s Covenant with Abraham
6th November 2021
God’s Covenant with Moses
4th December 2021
God’s Covenant with David
8th January 2022
God’s promise of a New Covenant
5th February 2022
Our inheritance in Christ
5th March 2022
God our Father.
2nd April 2022
Jesus our Saviour and Lord
7th May 2022
The Promised Holy Spirit
4th June 2022
Samuel and his Band of Prophets
2nd July 2022
Elijah, Elisha and the Sons of the Prophets

‘My people persih for lack of knowledge!’ Hosea 4:6

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