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Many people from all over the world have been joining us every week for our regular teaching series on the gospels of Mark and John. Both series are available as podcasts for you to listen to and download from the following popular platforms and apps: 

Sign in or go to the platform of your choice and search for the title of the podcast you want to listen to. Alternatively you can click one of the buttons below. 

What people have been saying:

“Thank you for this vibrant Spirit filled course which has blessed me each week. Your teaching has strengthened my resolve to follow Jesus more wholeheartedly. Thank you for the prayers and encouragement.”


“I have so loved doing the weekly studies in John’s gospel. Despite having been a Bible reading Christian for many years, studying the gospel of John has always daunted me. These weeks have really opened up this gospel to me and made it so accessible. To be able to listen again on podcast is even better!”


“Thank you so much for the amazing series on John’s gospel. We were so uplifted and found our faith rising each week from the talks and the groups. This has been such a necessary series of learning for us at this time, discovering things we never knew, revelations about the life and death of Jesus. Particularly last weeks talk on Jesus’ resurrection, His appearance to Mary at the tomb and her symbolic link to Eve’s redemption for the fall. Wonderful!”

Ann & Phil

“God has stirred my heart so much to believe in the real Jesus, each week challenging me to the core and exciting me with new possibilities of what my discipleship in Him could look like, as I believe. Thank you for pouring out your heart and life during the series. It truly has been amazing to see the rivers of living waters flow.”


“Thank you for the life you have brought through the weeks of teaching in John’s Gospel. I have been so encouraged, brought back to fullness of life in the Spirit in a difficult season. I’m excited about my walk with God and have new hope for the future.”