The Call and The Cross Workbook


This is a six-month course of bible study based on The Call and the Cross bible reading guide. The books of the Bible it covers are Genesis to Deuteronomy, Mark, Romans and Hebrews.


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Developing an understanding of your Bible and of God’s working in you by His Spirit is a life changing investment. This six-month course of Bible study based on The Call and the Cross Bible reading guide will do just that as the Spirit reveals truth and life to you through His word.

Although you may use this study prayerfully on its own, it is designed primarily as a weekly workbook to accompany the reading guide, supported by a set of 20 minute talks, one for each week’s readings. The talks are available as CDs or downloadable MP3 files.

The Call and The Cross traces the story of the beginnings of God’s work of salvation down to the time of Moses, to discover how he taught those he chose to co-operate with him in the work, to see how he brought that work to fulfilment in Christ, and to learn how the early Christians understood it all. The books of the Bible you will be studying are therefore the early ones that tell about Israel’s beginnings (Genesis to Deuteronomy), plus Mark and two epistles that show how Christians interpreted them (Romans and Hebrews).

The great themes you will find yourself most frequently discussing are faith, obedience and sacrifice: faith in God’s promises; obedience to his call and his word; the meaning of sacrifice and its power in Christ’s death on the cross; Jesus as our saviour and priest

This is the first in a series of four workbooks that together will take you through the whole bible in two years; however each workbook is a self-contained unit and can be studied in isolation. The other workbooks in the series are: Times of Refreshing, Heirs of The Prophets and My Lord and My God.

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