Training Prophetic Bible Teachers

Biblical and Prophetic Faith Course

The certificate course in Biblical and Prophetic Faith teaches you to understand the ways of God through reading the Bible. The course is based on you completing The Way of The Spirit Bible Reading Course with support from a personal tutor.


You will be required to attend approximately six supervised lessons per year normally at one of our Revival Training Centres. Teaching Days are often held once a month, on a Saturday, and often run from 10.00 a.m. to about 4.00 p.m though some are half days and some are evenings.

Teaching can also occur in small groups by arrangement, or even sometimes on a more personal basis. If you live far from a local tutor, we can discuss the options of correspondence to cover this part of the training.


You will also be required to read one book relating to each of four modules. You tutor will check that that you understand what you read, and that you are developing spiritually as a result.

At the end of the course your tutor will write a brief report certifying that you have in fact completed it and done so with good understanding.



You will need to buy the materials necessary to complete the Way of The Spirit Bible Reading Course, and the books that are required for additional reading.

There are no charges for turoring or the additional teaching, although most teaching days do have a voluntary collection to cover their costs.

The teaching addresses four basic questions:

Who am I?

Who am I and what is my inheritance in Christ?

This makes faith personal.

Who is God?

Who is God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) for me?

This explores what we believe from the Bible.

What is God doing?

What is God doing in our world today?

This gives us a vision for recognising revival.

What should I be doing?

What then should I be doing in my life as a Christian?

This draws our knowledge of a personal God, toward our responsibility to a prophetic life and ministry to others.

How to Apply

We are always planning new groups for the course. If you are interested in joining you can register online without commitment, or use the registration form to ask any questions you may have.