Welcome to The Way of The Spirit Northampton

We would like to welcome you to Way of the Spirit Northampton as we gather round the word of God in the power of his Spirit. His word is living and active. It brings truth, health and freedom to the whole of our beings. God`s heart is for us to know Him and for Him to dwell with His people. Come and join with us as we encounter Him through His word.

 “Encounter” Events

Just as in the beginning the Spirit hovered over the darkness and God spoke, today the Spirit still hovers, and God is still speaking His Word.  You are invited to come and encounter Him afresh.

Coming meetings:

In Luke 24:27 We read that the risen Lord Jesus Christ took the disciples, on the Road to Emmaus, through the writings of Moses and all the prophets, explaining from all the Scriptures the things concerning himself. Jesus is the Living Word and the whole of Scripture speaks to us of Him. So, for four teaching mornings we are looking at Jesus in Scripture and what He is saying to us through it.

March 11th
Jesus in the Old Testament
April 15th
Jesus in the Gospels
May 15th
Jesus in the epistles
June 3rd
Jesus in Revelation
In July we will look at a short course, and then we will be teaching the Certificate Course, beginning with the four covenants.
July 8th

Five Smooth Stones - A small short course book

September 2nd

God`s Covenant with Abraham
The promise of blessing and the challenge of faith.

October 7th

God`s Covenant with Moses
The promise of blessing and the challenge of obedience and holiness.

November 4th

God`s Covenant with David
The promise of the Messiah and the eternal kingdom.

December 2nd

The New Covenant
The promise of Pentecost, of a new heart and a new spirit within us.

We offer a very warm welcome to all those of you who are free to come and join with us and we trust that you will encounter the Living God!


Bible Reading Course: Two groups meet Thursday evenings – Contact Ruth for more details.


Ruth Parnell


Encounter events are being held at New Life Church once more. If the situation changes and we need to return to Zoom, we will let you know. The full address is:

New Life Church
9 Tower Street,

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