Training and Reading Courses

Study and Training with The Way of the Spirit

The Way of the Spirit has a series of Bible reading and study programmes, giving a guide to the whole Bible as seen through the activity and experience of the Holy Spirit. We also provide training courses for those who want to study the Bible in a life-giving and faith-filled way and become Bible teachers with a prophetic edge to their teaching.

Six levels of study and training are available:

 1. Short Bible Reading Courses

• Short sudy courses of 3-7 weeks duration
• On specific Biblical themes
• For individual or group study

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2. The Way of The Spirit Bible Reading Course

• Bible reading course of four six-month parts
• Complete coverage of the Bible
• For individual, group, church, or college use

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3. Biblical and Prophetic Faith (Certificate Course)

• Two year training course
• The full Bible reading course plus discipleship and ministry training
• Local group, class and seminar teaching

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4. Prophetic Bible Teaching (Part-Time Training)

• One year training course
• For training Bible teachers in the local church or small groups
• Part-time training in local groups or three short residential schools, both with monitored home study

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5. Prophetic Bible Teaching (Full-Time Training)

• Variable duration depending on qualifications and experience
• For training Bible teachers for more long-term works
• Full-time residential training

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6. Advanced Diploma in Prophetic Bible Teaching

• One year training course
• For those who have completed the part-time or full-time course, and demonstrated willingness to put it into practise
• Part-time training in two short residential schools, with monitored home study

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The Church worldwide is experiencing a fresh awakening; something new and encouraging is also emerging on the Bible teaching front.

Jesus never required his disciples to get degrees, but he did teach them from the Scriptures. Their love of the Scriptures taught them to become excellent teachers themselves, compelled to share their love for the Word of God. At The Way of the Spirit we teach our students to look deeply into the Bible, where they can find its living flow. And we see, time after time, how discovering that running river of life brings them to want to share it with those around them.

We call this ‘prophetic Bible teaching’, because it means staying open to whatever God would reveal to us through his Spirit, as we read the Word.


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