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The Way of The Spirit Bible Reading Course

The Way of The Spirit Bible Reading Course is where most of our students start. It is wonderfully blessing those who use it, but more than that it is proving an excellent tool for training people to become lively Bible teachers and preachers – to lay hold of the living, life-transforming dynamic of Scripture, to apply it to themselves, and then go and introduce others to it, much as Wycliffe’s men did in their day.

The course is a non-academic, two year-programme that provides you with a guide to reading the Bible from cover to cover, and assists you in understanding the ways of God and his Spirit, in all the Scripture. Is teaches you to read the Bible in a deeper and more meaningful way, and to learn how to bring the Bible to life as a complete message, given from God’s Holy Spirit, speaking to your own personal life.


The course is stuctured in four six-month sections that can be taken in any order.

The course is flexible, to allowing you to benefit from the learning it offers. You can complete the course in one of two ways:.

  • In a Group.

The best and the recommended way of studying the Bible using The Way of the Spirit.

  • As a Private Study Course

You receive teaching through the published materials, so it is possible to do the course alone at home.

Each section deals with a successive period of Old Testament history, concentrates on the books of the Old Testament associated with that period and examines particular aspects of faith related to it. Each section then traces the sequel to the story told in the Old Testament section through books of the New Testament that seem to provide an appropriate follow up, and in doing so separately examines one of the four well-known portraits of Jesus as Priest, King, Prophet and Lord.

Course materials

The following materials are available for each of the four sections of the course:



The workbook contains the passages to read, one per day, and questions for you to answer on each passage. There is a Review question each week to help you discern what God is saying to you and to apply it to your life. You will need the workbook to complete the course.

Reading Guide

The reading guide provides a commentary on the bible passages to be studied, showing the way of the Spirit through the Bible, and giving valuable background information, chronologies and so on. It forms a valuable resource to support the workbook, but is not essential for you to complete the course.

Teaching Audio

Short 20 minute talks are available, one for each week of study. The talks can be played at the start of your week’s study if you are doing the course on your own, or if you are doing the course in a group it can be played at the start of the meeting. The teaching is recommended but not essential to completing the course.


“I read the bible because “church” said that’s what Christians do. I read it once, cover to cover. Tick. Done that. But this course presents edible portions to read, reflect on and discuss. The word spoke to me. The revelations keep coming. Far from being awkward I found that I was looking forward to the discussion groups. Discovering that the response to the word is an individual thing was an eye-opener. But the greatest gain has been in how the process has effected an ongoing change in me, my life and my relationships.”


“This course has brought both structure and discipline to my daily bible study….something I had needed.  But most importantly, the Bible is starting to make coherent sense – even the sections which might previously have been glossed over or dismissed as irrelevant detail – in a way which brings to life the consistent way in which God deals with his chosen people through his Spirit!

That, in turn, helps me see how he wants to deal with ME !”


“While doing this course I have come to know the Holy Spirit in a deeper and personal way. The Holy Spirit has challenged and encouraged me, showing me how to live the Christian life and to improve areas in my life, knowing that I can only do this with His help.”


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Being part of  a group is a great way to be encouraged in your bible reading. Groups meet locally and online.