A new course on Mark’s Gospel

This is for anyone! This new 16-week course will deepen your understanding of the whole gospel of Mark, and energise you with revelation of Jesus and the Kingdom. See how Jesus’ ministry was in fulfilment of God’s purposes proclaimed through the prophetic voices in Israel’s history – and how it is relevant today for our lives and ministries. This will strengthen your faith and feed your spirit with God’s truth, in the power of the Holy Spirit. Includes audio, commentary and questions. For groups or study alone.

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Prophetic Bible Teacher’s Course

Do you want to teach the Word and minister the Gospel? Then come and be transformed by exploring the prophetic teacher’s insight, lifestyle and ministry, with many practical exercises, and personal study designed to take you deeper and higher with God.

This is a life-changing course, it carries the very heart of The Way of the Spirit – what we believe and how we outwork that in our lives. It releases people from being disciples to making disciples!


“I KNOW now that I do have a prophetic gift and I hear God for myself and others and I’m going to just USE it!”

“I have learnt to EXPERIENCE God, not only know about Him; experienced His love as a Father and tongues is strengthening my inner man.”

“I am confident to stand firm in Him and I pray with authority now.”

“This is a supernatural Course; it has inspired my faith in God to a new level – His power and greatness, and I’m going to rely on Holy Spirit to do what He says.”

“I am no longer afraid of what people may say, I CAN do what God tells me to do.”

What’s New

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One man who’d made a promise to God and changed nations

Remaining in Christ

Bearing much fruit, not just green leaves

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Called to be doers

Like two engaged cogs, our spiritual life must engage with and impact the life we live for there to be fruit.

An Incredible Discovery

Recently I made an incredible discovery – I am an heir of God and a co-heir with Christ! Whatever I do now becomes Kingdom-work, because I recognise that I am being prepared to rule and reign over my life and in God’s Kingdom.

Following The Lamb – Review

If you are keen to be a true disciple of Jesus and live in dynamic relationship with him, this short course is key. Following Jesus is not about ‘playing safe’, however as you embark on the journey of faith that he has already walked, it becomes very exciting.

Seven Ingredients

When taken hold of and applied, the Seven Ingredients will transform the way we function together, leading to increased fruitfulness, effectiveness, and impact, as well as being a catalyst for personal spiritual growth.

Join us Online

Although we may not be able to meet face-to-face, we can meet online! There are plenty of opportunities for you to join in and enjoy fellowship and inspirational teaching wherever you are in the world. You can join a small Way of The Spirit group to study the word together, or attend one of our live teaching events. You can also subscribe to our podcasts and download teaching to listen to whenever you like.

If you are not sure about the technology do get in touch. We would be glad to help. 

Online Groups

Don’t let lockdown get you down. Enjoy the LIFE and fellowship of a Way of The Spirit group wherever you are in the world.


Live Teaching

Teaching mornings are being held online most weekends. Find a meeting and join us.


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These are the resources we provide to serve you, so that you may find life and renewed joy in God’s word.


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Revival Training Centres

Come along to a revival training centre, receive inspirational teaching and be revived in your spirit.



See what God is doing for pastors and church leaders overseas, training and equipping them, transforming them and their churches.



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