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We Have Moved!

By the grace of God and plenty of hard work we moved out of FEH on the 26th September. We had amazing times there and are so thankful for what God did.

We are moving!

We are on the move! Mail sent to Framingham Earl Hall will still reach us, but from today we have a new, temporary, telephone number to reach us on: 07747 006094.

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From Africa

Working together with churches and ministries in Uganda we have seen a number of pastors and leaders growing and developing beyond anything we expected. On Friday some of them will complete their training – it will be a big day!

Nagaland – Day 14,15, and nearly home!

It just remained for us to enjoy a final meal at Madame Tia’s home. A feast was laid before us and we had a relaxing and lovely time saying goodbye and thanks.

Nagaland – Day 13

This evening the fire fell. There was mayhem at the end: bodies on the floor, baptisms in the Holy Spirit, strong faith filled worship … what a climax to the two weeks here!

Nagaland – Day 12

Today, we had another great time in the classroom! The students are clearly receiving much over these two weeks and, though they may not always show it on their faces, it is going in and they are appreciating very much the input from us.

Nagaland – Day 11

It was a good morning in the college! There was more well received teaching, in the MDiv class and the chapel time, and more ministry – they are really open now – and another The Way of the Spirit group looking at Water into Wine.

Featured Event

25th – 27th October 2018
Lingwood Villiage Hall, Norwich NR13 4AZ

Join us as we seek to understand God’s purposes for Israel and the church. This will be a stimulating and life-filled time in His word, as he reveals truth to us by His Spirit and focuses our eyes on Him

Featured Message

Richard George
Israel had been waiting for God to fulfil His promise to pour out His Spirit. This would happen through the ministry of His anointed one – Jesus

Recorded 6th October 2017

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Teaching pastors in Kenya


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