Revival and the Narrow Way – a walk with Jesus through Mark’s Gospel

Come and join our weekly live Bible teaching every Thursday at 10am on Zoom!

Sessions are 1 hour long and will often include opportunity for interaction. Bring your friends and get ready for a feast as we begin a journey through the first gospel to be written.

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“This is one of your best courses. Being part of this series has taken me back to seeking God more for that anointing I knew so many years ago. I am now back in that revival flow. This has changed my life by bringing me back to the vision and God’s purpose for my life.”


3 July 2020

“This morning was full of revelations and loving conviction for me.
I ended up being completely mind-blown, at times crying out of repentance and conviction through the image of John the Baptist. It made me ask myself: “What am I wearing? What am I feeding off?” Both literal meaning but also metaphorical. This brought this loving conviction that can only come from God.”


18 June 2020

“I attended the first session this morning and found it brilliantly revealing and that was just the first four verses of Mark’s gospel. Richard George speaks with such Holy Spirit passion and authority that, if you have ears to hear, it’s impossible not to hear God speaking so very clearly to you.”

Graham Hobbs

12 June 2020

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Meetings Online

Autumn Bible Conference

The Autumn Bible Conference is the main event of our year, and is always full of life and anointed teaching. This year the conference will be held online so there are no constraints on numbers, you can join us wherever you are in the world! 

The conference runs from 30th September to 3rd October.

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Teaching Days

The current lockdown is not limiting The Holy Spirit or the Word! Meetings have moved online and are flourishing, with many people joining from all over the world. Here are some upcoming meetings planned by various Teaching Centres, you are most welcome to join any of them, wherever you live.

August 1st
The sermon on the mount

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