The Seven Ingredients

God’s pattern for teams of living stones

The Seven Ingredients were first taught at the 2020 Team Conference. Understanding and applying them are fundamental to greater unity and fruitfulness. Further teaching followed in the autumn intended to supplement the initial sessions for those who were seeking to build the keys into their lives and teams.

These ingredients will be a helpful template for teams working through issues in teams of all descriptions, who are seeking to live with spiritual discernment, seeking first the kingdom, and want to know what God might be speaking into the multitude of scenarios that can seem to complicate our relationships sometimes.

Recordings from both the conference and the workshops are included below.  When taken hold of and applied, as well as being a catalyst for personal spiritual growth, they will transform the way we function together, leading to increased fruitfulness, effectiveness, and impact.

Course Manual

There is a short manual to accompany the teaching that includes scripture references, a summary of the main points and testimonies. It is available to buy from our bookshop, or you can download the free eBook version.

The seven ingredients are:

1. Walking in faith

How faith is always the launch pad for any journey or project we embark upon; develop a culture of faith.

2. Remaining teachable

How getting into, and staying in, the right place in relation to Jesus matters for every disciple.

3. Choosing to overcome

The importance of living victoriously, never falling into a victim mentality or colluding with others who do.

4. Understanding the significance of spiritual authority

How understanding and employing the dynamics of spiritual authority leads to a healthy, effective prayer life, and effective unity in teams.

5. Facing challenges with courage

How we are to face our Goliaths head on, courageuosly stepping out in obedience and faith. It takes courage to live this way.

6. Living according to pattern

How we are to build what God has designed and communicated to us, for that’s what he fills with his glory.

7. Living for HIM

Dropping our own ambitions, desires and agendas in order to see God’s kingdom advance.


Please seek to work through these lessons as individuals and teams as you ‘work out your salvation with fear and trembling.’

These sessions were recorded at the Team Conference 2020. The speaker for all them is Richard George.


These sessions were recorded in a series of workshops in Autumn 2020.
All sessions are by Richard George apart from session 5 ‘Facing challenges with courage’, which is by Men Gei Li and Maureen Quinton