The Way of The Spirit Overseas


The Word and Spirit coming together (the revival dynamic lying at the heart of The Way of the Spirit) compels us to go out into all the world. Since the beginnings of this ministry people have gone overseas. Teams have now replaced individuls as this ‘going’ gathers momentum.

Since 2001 The Way of the Spirit has sent people around the world to teach and support local churches at their invitation. They leave behind a fresh appetite for the word of God and hunger to know the whole bible.

We have been invited to Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi many times. More recently teams have gone to Zambia and DRC. Every mission has enjoyed seeing God’s Spirit move among pastors and leaders as they come to understand the whole bible and how to receive revelation from it. Many people receive vital training for their ministry.

Trips to India have resulted in the same pattern of life poured out upon the conferences and schools we have held there.

We also have sent teachers to Poland, Germany, Malaysia and elsewhere.

Wherever we go we teach and demonstrate the use of our teaching materials and often leave peole with resources that they can use in their own churches.

People are crying out everywhere for the knowledge of the Bible that will bring them closer to God and result in fruitfulness iin their lives.

See something of what has been happening in Africa

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