The Way of The Spirit in Uganda

The Way of The Spirit has often visited Uganda and has seen God impact the lives of many pastors and church leaders, transforming their lives and ministries.

Missions to Kampala, August and November 2017

In August and November last year we were invited by Godly Living Minisitries International (GLMI) to run six weeks of teaching programmes just outside Kampala. Teams  were drawn from Way of The Spirit centres around the UK (plus one from India!). Fifty spiritually hungry pastors and leaders came to be trained. Delegates from certain neighbouring countries attended alongside their Ugandan counterparts.

We were also privileged to lead a conference in Kampala run by GLMI where we were able to encourage and build up local Ugandan pastors.

The fruit of these endeavours has been extraordinary. The delegates have developed a deep hunger for Godʼs word and highly value the teaching they have received. God is knitting them together in a unity and richness of life in the Spirit.

Here are just some of the things that we saw God do daily among the delegates :-

  • Filled them with the Holy Spirit, some for the first time and many with fresh empowering for their ministry;
  • Encountered them in His word, teaching them to grasp the truth of what He says about them and their place in His purposes;
  • Released them in the gifts of tongues, interpretation and prophecy;
  • Gave them understanding and skill as the delegates practiced their spiritual gifts;
  • Taught them to hear him for themselves and growing in confidence in following Him, teaching them to learn how to test and walk in what He is saying;
  • Met and impacted  them in every part of the day: during worship, teaching, reading the Word and in their discussion groups;
  • Filled them with joy, hope and vision as He broke into their lives;
  • Transformed their lives and ministries – their churches, colleagues and families are seeing the difference!
  • Transformed their traditional routines to accommodate the life of the Holy Spirit;
  • Confirmed His Word again and again through healings both physical and emotional as he set them free.

What a wonderful privilege to be part of all that God is doing in East Africa as He prepares His African church for the things that are to come, and changes us in the process…