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Too many believers are frustrated, feeling their Christian walk is standing still. We help them to listen to what the Sprit would tell them through God’s Word.- Director Richard George

At The Way of the Spirit we offer a prayerful, supportive, community learning approach to understanding the Bible, which helps believers to accept the message God would reveal to them through his Word.

God gave us the gospels so we can find the full life that Jesus came to give us. The Way of the Spirit offers a fresh alternative from dry and academic study, where we explore the life-giving dimension of studying the Scriptures. This draw us into the richness of life that men of the Bible times enjoyed, making sense of the Bible for our lives today.

Through full and part-time teaching and training for all levels, including youth, we find that those who study with us are overflowing, and they want to share the renewed joy they have found in God’s word. This means that we are  able to offer training at our Bible training college in Norfolk, as well as using satellite locations and missions bases across the UK and abroad.

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Feel free to explore our site. You will find more about the history of The Way of the Spirit, our founders, and our courses. You may even want to explore our shop, or draw from our many Bible reading resources. To find out more, please feel free to contact us. We love talking to others who want to learn about God’s word.