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Patricia Napier 07552 621362
Edna Brooks
Ingrid Macmillan 07722 293709

Welcome to Worthing Way of the Spirit!

We are a group of Christians from a mix of Worthing churches who love to study God’s Word together. We’ve seen lives change as we meet with God through His Word, illumined by His Spirit, and discover the relevance of the whole Bible to our lives.

We currently have two groups studying The Call and The Cross at different locations as follows:

  • Every Thursday at 10am
  • Every other Thursday at 10.30am

If you are interested in joining a group, please contact one of us for details and we will be glad to help.

Teaching Mornings

Worthing Centre runs regular Saturday Teaching Mornings; attendance is free and all are welcome. Come and enjoy God’s presence, coffee and fellowship, and find out more about The Way of the Spirit and the groups that meet in Worthing. Contact Patricia Napier (above) for more information.

The next Teaching Mornings are:

Saturday 18th November with Pastor Robert Clifford




Watch this space for details of future Teaching Mornings!