The Way of The Spirit in Zambia
We have had a good working relationship with Bishop Duwen Musaka of Kabwe, Zambia for over 19 years. Bishops, pastors and church leaders in Kitwe also have had experience of the Way of the Spirit through our previous missions since July 2014.

Mission to Kabwe, June 2017

We were invited by Bishop Duwen Musaka to Kabwe, Zambia to train and provide church leaders with a deeper understanding of the Bible and how the word of God works together with the Holy Spirit to bring LIFE.

God never ceases to amaze us when we visit Zambia. When we were there in 2015 Joshua Musaka declared the calling upon his life to become a pastor. Two years later, after studying the Way of the Spirit in Kabwe and Kampala, Uganda, he ministers with such authority and power that he is fast becoming a recognised speaker at the age of 27, together with his long standing friend and fellow leader Chikoza.

In Kabwe in 2017,108 church leaders received such powerful revelation that lives were transformed. Many leaders began to experience the word of God in a new way and they gained a new depth of understanding as the Holy Spirit brought the bible to life. They all enjoyed studying the book of Jeremiah in small groups and sharing life-giving prophetic words with each other. The Holy Spirit moved with such power that two prophecies given to Bishop Duwen 19 years ago were confirmed literally word-for-word! Astonishing testimonies concluded the conference, about living the prophetic lifestyle, reading the word through the Holy Spirit, walking in spiritual authority and living a life of purity.

Certificate Course School 1 December 2017

Following the move of the Holy Spirit in June, we established a rolling programme of Course Schools, the first of which took place in December 2017.  37 Church leaders came and were hungry for the Word of God taught accurately under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  People were gloriously filled with the Holy Spirit; people were physically healed with great joy and awe and people received life-changing revelations:

  • fear of man gone;
  • a new and profound insight into the Father-heart of God;
  • exercising authority over sickness and circumstances;
  • responded to a call to be a preacher.

And the study groups bore much fruit with pastors learning to hear God for themselves and to apply the Word to their daily lives.  It was glorious!