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Nagaland – Day 5

9th March 2018

Peter spoke clearly and effectively after the chapel meeting and something changed in the atmosphere. By the end of the morning we were all in a different place.

Nagaland – Day 4

9th March 2018

Several of the class responded to the teaching this morning as they, braving peer pressure, came forward to give their lives afresh to God’s purposes, making a decision to follow him with a whole heart, leaving behind their own agendas, preferences and plans

On day three we rose early to be at the college for 9am. We were to teach a class of seventeen MDiv students for two weeks, but also have the opportunity to address the whole college including faculty.

Nagaland – Day 1

9th March 2018

The journey to Mokokchung was memorable, long and tiring. Peter somehow managed to fall asleep, surprising with the bumpy road coupled with uncomfortable seats and frequent sharp bends.

Behold I am Doing a New Thing!

26th February 2018

The Way of the Spirit is in an exciting season of growing, stretching and having its eyes lifted higher and further than ever. Following Jesus is never dull that’s for sure.

Be Faithful – Available Now!

28th November 2017

Be Faithful is a new short bible course that encourages believers to find their identity as true sons, taking their place in the Father’s business.

There is excitement in the air at Framingham Earl Hall as the new School of Applied Prophetic Faith was launched in early February and is gathering momentum.

The Work Abroad

23rd February 2018

I remember taking the first team to Africa back in 2004; this year new doors are opening. Of the increase of his government (kingdom) and of peace there shall be no end. One day Jacob shall fill all the world with fruit.