How to Lead a Bible Group


A short guide for any who are thinking of using The Way of The Spirit Bible reading course in a group. The guide also applies to any of the short courses.
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This book is a history, not of the Church, nor of dissent, nor of revivals, but of specifically prophetic movements living in or longing for the blessing of Pentecost or the empowering of the Holy Spirit. It is about a heart-longing after the full life of Pentecost in the Church as the Apostles knew it. It is about the Spiritual Church, the Mystical Church, the Prophetic Church the charismatic/pentecostal Church, the Church of revival life, the Church of the Spirit. Different people prefer different terminology, but the sessence is the same.

The Way of The Spirit Bible reading course was born out of revelation of the life contained in the Bible through experience of the working of the Holy Spirit. One main purpose of group meetings is therefore to edify each other by sharing the revelation and experience you yourself obtain through reading your Bible under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is a Bible reading course, not a Bible study course. The leader’s role is to guide the group, not to teach them.

This short leaflet gives helpful guidance to anyone planning to use the reading course in a group setting. The principles are equally applicable to people using any of the short courses in a group as well, since they are also born out of revelation and work in exactly the same way.

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