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A six-week bible reading course on learning to walk through the storms we encounter as followers of Jesus. Discover how to overcome and become strong disciples!

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What it’s about:

What do Jonah, Jesus, Job and Paul have in common? They all walked through storms. The disciples even followed Jesus into one.

Out of The Storm examines some biblical storms, and is a helpful tool for every disciple who wants to grow through adversity, and learn to advance the Kingdom even during such times. If we are going to get storms, we may as well learn to walk through them – and to avoid the ones that are not inevitable.


The booklet is arranged in two parts:

  • The first introduces the study.
  • The second is a six- part question sheet.

Recorded teaching to accompany this course is available to stream or as a free download. Although the teaching and the course are intended to be used together, the teaching is optional and you can use the course without it if you prefer.

Listen to or download Audio >

How to use it:

  • By itself with your Bible.
  • Along with the teaching and your bible.
  • By studying in a group.

Whichever method you choose, learn to listen for what the Holy Spirit has to tell you- about your beliefs, attitudes and life-style. Ask yourself what lessons you should be learning from your readings, so that you can apply them to your own understanding and life as a Christian.

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