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Conferences and Modules for 2016/17

We have an exciting selection of conferences and modules planned for 2016 and 2017 – come along, meet with God and be revived! All are welcome.

Book your place at any or all of these events at



Framingham Earl Hall, Hall Road, Framingham Earl, Norwich NR14 7SB


£165 Residential

£80 non-residential with meals

£60 non-residential without meals

Revelation of a Holy God.

Sunday 29 January 2017 5.30pm – Wednesday 1st February 2pm, at Framingham Earl Hall.

£165 Residential, £80 non-residential with meals, £60 non-residential without meals.

Luke and the Gospels

Tuesday 21st February 5.30pm – Friday 24th March 2pm, at Framingham Earl Hall.

£165 Residential, £80 non-residential with meals, £60 non-residential without meals

Led in Triumphal Procession (Truth, Humility and Purity)

Monday 17th April 10am – Wednesday 19th  April 2pm, at Framingham Earl Hall.

£100 Residential, £60 non-residential with meals, £45 non-residential without meals

Romans: All Creation Waits….

Sunday 30th April 5.30pm – Friday 5 May 2pm

£275 Residential, £132 non-residential with meals, £100 non-residential without meals

God’s Purpose for Me – How to Recognise it & Live in the Good of it

Friday 19th May 5.30pm – Sunday 21st May 2pm, at Framingham Earl Hall

£100 Residential, £60 non-residential with meals, £45 non-residential without meals

OT Prophets: God’s Shock Troops for Revival:

Tuesday 27th June 4.30pm – Friday 30th June 2pm, at Framingham Earl Hall

£165 Residential, £80 non-residential with meals, £60 non-residential without meals

Summer School

Monday 3rd July 10am – Friday 7th July 1pm, at Framingham Earl Hall.

£220 Residential, £106 non-residential with meals, £80 non-residential without meals

Be Blessed

Friday 14th July – Sunday 16th 2pm, at Framingham Earl Hall

£100 Residential, £60 non-residential with meals, £45 non-residential without meals


The Way of the Spirit has had a busy summer. A team were in Uganda at our bible college teaching for a month (see below). It was, as it always seems to be, a wonderful and life-changing time for all. The pastors and leaders from six East African nations keep coming back!

The Autumn Bible Conference was full last week  Belsey Bridge Conference Centre. A variety of teachers took us through the whole book of revelation, and it really was  revelation to us all. Everyone taught with life and we received such a view of things from the B-I-G perspective of heaven and earth, the history of everything, and where we might be in it all. One phrase sprang out at us all, from chapter 10, where God commissions the end time church to GO PROPHESY AGAIN! Come on church lets get out there!

We are putting together a new web site. Once that’s up and running you’ll be kept much more up to date and access more archive material.


Full Time Course – Autumn 2016

Applications are now being considered for full time training at Framingham earl Hall, Norwich, for year beginning October 2016. Please contact for more information, or to apply. Cost £2,100 per term, including all tuition and bed/board. Qualifications: the call of God and your pastors reference.

Faith Camp 2013 – Audio Downloads

The following two audios are Richard George’s talks on the Monday and the Friday. Part 1 gives you background into what The Way of The Spirit is, and part 2 focusses on the biblical reasons why we are called to walk with the word in the power of The Holy Spirit.

Both talks are taken from Richard’s seminars at the Peterborough Faith Camp 2013. Read more

Hosea Podcast

Listen to an outstanding podcast from Richard George on Hosea, and why we have hope, particularly in times of trial. Read more

How to Run a Bible Group

The Way of the Spirit was born out of revelation of the life contained in the Bible through experience of the working of the Holy Spirit.  One main purpose of group meetings is therefore to edify each other by sharing the revelation and experience you yourself obtain through reading your Bible under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Testimony from Carol, a 2011-3 student

The full time course is incredible and has revolutionised my way of reading the bible.

I have been taught how to receive revelation in a way I’ve never experienced before.

I’m now getting life  from the words on the pages, it’s like a veil has been taken away. Read more

Rwanda February 2012


The February 2012 mission to Rwanda, consisting Tony De Chiara (Norwich Bible College) and Nigel Fraser, arrived in the country on the 16th February 2012. We had a miraculous entry into the country when our progress was blocked by an immigration official who wanted to know why Tony had not applied for a visa before arriving. He asked to speak to our host on the phone- Charles Semwaga – an amazing man with a wide network of contacts throughout Rwanda. The official looked progressively reassured throughout the telephone call and looked more benignly on us when he discovered we were on the Lord’s business. We renamed our host – ’King Charles’ and the mission continued by God’s mercy!  My heart & vision for this mission was to build relationships with the local Rwandans involved with The Way of the Spirit, encourage the work of The Way of the Spirit there through teaching  & preaching, and importantly to encourage  translation of WOTs resources into the local language.

We had an opportunity to visit the genocide museum on the first morning and were faced with the awful, brutal reality experienced by the victims and were amazed how a policy of reconciliation and merciful justice under the wise leadership of Paul Kagame has transformed Rwanda into a thriving and safe place to be only 18 years after these atrocities. Clearly Rwanda has a powerful message to teach the world. My last visit was 2 years ago and even after this short passage of time; the feel of the nation is brighter.

We were then hosted by Apostle Emmanuel and his wife Cherin in Kigali and began our 3 days of meetings in Jehovah Shaloom church. This church has to be experienced to be believed – I cannot recall ever seeing such fervent worship. I know the Rwandan churches are strong on praise, worship and dance, but I know a few minutes of the physical vigour they demonstrate would floor most westerners and it went on for hours. It was a good environment to hit with God’s word and Tony and I felt there was a strong need for The Way of the Spirit – Spirit-led teaching of the Bible in Rwanda  –  and indeed I had received a prophetic word from my pastor Paul Abell that this would be the case. Our hosts Emmanuel and Cherin had suffered serious injuries in the genocide attacks of 1994 but miraculously escaped for their lives and it was clear that the Lord had spared them as they have a wonderful gracious ministry.  Cherin experienced considerable pain as a consequence. The Lord awoke her at 2am and informed her that her guests were blessed and would be a blessing and she would be healed as a consequence. During the meetings at the church when God’s word was attended with healing – Cherin received her healing from the Lord and she is now able to live without pain. There was a real openness to the teaching and as we opened up the scriptures God’s Word came alive.

We then journeyed onto the next phase of our mission in Butare. Tony was wonderfully hosted by Pastor Innocent Kabagema. It was sad that Pastor Innocent had a leg injury and he could not walk with us, but we prayed for him and he is now improving. I stayed with Pastor Paul who had attended  Norwich Bible College and is now evidently enjoying his new wife’s good cooking! They are expecting their first child this year. We met various members of the Butare WOTs team and Justin and Alexander were a great blessing to us. We visited two churches in the locality and were able to teach and preach. I was encouraged that people we had prayed for in 2009 were still living in the good of their healing and prophetic words given had brought change in their lives. One lady pastor came in who looked very professional, but a prophetic word showed the depth of suffering she was currently experiencing and God accurately encouraged her. A highlight of the Butare mission was the mission back to the University where we were able to give the meat of the word and received an enthusiastic response even though this was their exam week. It would be really good to make available for a full range of WOTs resources to these students, either on the website or by other resources on the next trip. Many of them have a good command of English. Butare Univeristy is fruitful soil!

Charles joined us again in Butare on 21st where we drove to Kigali where I had an opportunity to meet the headmaster of the school where Charles children attend. We then travelled onto Kayonzo where we we met Pastor James who had been on the launch mission several years ago and who now runs three churches.Bishop Donatien from Burundi – a wise and experienced Christian leader who is strongly supportive of WOTS joined us. Twenty-three pastors attended the 3 day conference.

Kayonzo is an interesting locality, with a background steeped in witchcraft on the borders of Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda, but has opened up to the gospel. This WOTs conference was the highlight of the mission. The word of God went out and lives were changed and the Holy Spirit came in the meetings in a strong way, changing and challenging people there.  There is life where the Word and the Spirit come together!  Pastor James and his family were a marvellous blessing, their hospitality was awesome and they catered for many and their open home was a place of peace and joy. His life is a testimony of God’s transformation from a refugee with nothing and how God has protected and provided for him. He made a big sacrifice when he moved to Kayonzo from Kigali and sold his home to buy a more basic home in Kigali and built a church from the sale of his Kigali home. He is a gracious and gentle man and had his own life impacted under Pastor Richard George’s ministry 3 years ago when he received the call to full time ministry in Cyangugu.
On Monday 27th the mission came to completion with a Kigali WOTS Team meeting, where the pastors testified how the Way of The Spirit had transformed their lives and ministry.  I was especially blessed by Pastor Innocent and how he brought out the meaning of how the book of Ruth had transformed him – the power of shared revelation from God’s word. A common testimony was how WOTs had transformed their preaching and teaching. Charles testified: “I see signs of Church in Rwanda growing its roots going deeper and deeper these days, despite all the difficulties we go through, but pastors in Rwanda who work with The Way of the Spirit are experiencing fastest growth in terms of numbers and Spiritual maturity in their churches. The team in each district does a tremendous job though they constantly struggle to make ends meet; everything is done sacrificially and never complains.”

A big thank you to all who helped this mission to Rwanda. A special thanks to Charles Semwaga for his hard work in organising the mission and loving care. A big thank you to the prayer team! Thanks to Pastor Richard for wise leadership. A big thank you to Charles, Immanuel and James whose loving support made this mission possible and enabled us to deliver about 32 teaching and preaching sessions- with God all things are possible!