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Part-time Prophetic Bible Teacher Training

The part-time Prophetic Bible Teaching course takes off in a new direction this Autumn

  • A new format for the course in Horsham
  • Other schools are continuing in the North-West and Norwich
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Kampala – Final report

The Bible school second week ended, as the Lord had promised, with an outpouring of His glory.   He healed the broken hearted with his balm. it was an incredibly moving and powerful experience and anointing….most of the people were prayed for by Ingrid…the presence of God was so tangible, it was quiet and peaceful…our hearts broke for the pain that many had experienced in their walk with the Lord but He was now healing them so that they could move on in His GOOD plans and purposes for them.  So after speaking of the glory all week and seeing Him come time and again during the week in His power, He now showed his GOODNESS to each one in a tangible way.

Since being here we have felt an overwhelming sense of His love for these precious souls. This WAS truly a glory moment.  You could feel the pain and suffering of these people. The things that they have been through.  God said before the mission that He would go deep and they depth of His work was extraordinary.


We ended the week with testimonies and these showed just how much the folk had received from the Lord.  Here are a few examples:

  • I have been revived here and given a vision and strategy.  I will now carry revival and with a new strength of Spirit.
  • I’ve received an impartation of the Holy Spirit…a powerful impact of the anointing and a new level of making disciples.
  • He has healed me in my calling and ministry…He spoke 10 years ago…NOW I know the Word will be fulfilled…I am lifted to serve God anew.
  • I now can speak in tongues.
  • I now know I am able to preach to the nations…I can now be an effective pastor and evangelist.



On the Saturday we had a meeting for over 60 pastors in Kampala and many signed up to be a part of the Way of the Spirit in one way or another.   The pastor overseeing the meeting was the secretary to the Born Again Churches Association linked with 45,000 churches in Uganda.  He works in 5 Bible Colleges himself  but he recognised that this teaching was different and will start working with 20 pastors on the courses!

Thanks to all who prayed and who went….God did all He said He would, what a faithful God we serve! God is GOOD

Robert, Ingrid and Nigel

Kampala, 2nd week, 2nd report

Week 2 Day 4
We have had another truly blessed day. Each day the anointing and the Presence and Glory of God has increased.  People are increasingly meeting with their good God in powerful and deep encounters. Worship has gone to a new level. Today God gave people direct and big words regarding their vision and the future. They were released more fully into their call and were encouraged to release others. They were encouraged to have a closer walk of listening to and obeying the Lord and seeing His glory come.






As we have built according to the pattern shown us we have seen the Lord ministering to His precious people. They have been equipped to go and bear lasting fruit. The revelation they got today in the groups was of a new order….they are really getting it – we were thrilled and heard some great stuff!

We said goodbye to Tim and Joelle today as they returned to the UK having left a deposit from the Lord. They got a good send off.

Kampala, week 2, new team

Robert Clifford, Nigel Fraser, Ingrid Macmillan and Tim & Joelle Pooley make up the team for this second week. We were blessed as we took the baton from the week 1 team.


We are having a wonderful time…there is an ease to it all…the 45 students here from Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Congo are all very hungry and are soaking up every Word and the receiving from the anointing. It is such a joy to be in the physical manifestation of the vision that Agnes has held in her heart over all these years. A wonderful facility in a wonderful location…like the Garden of Eden.

The team are working wonderfully together with each person playing their part and releasing what they have to give…it is a joy to behold. Each one is growing from strength to strength.

There has been a wonderful and powerful flow in everything and the people are so appreciative. God has broken in time and time again…there has been repentance, fresh revelation of His goodness and love, fresh outpourings of His Spirit, recommissioning in their calls from God and receiving of prophetic words. A number were also released in the gift of tongues. They are going much deeper in God and saying YES to His will and His way. They are being refreshed, strengthened and revived. The presence of God is increasing day by day.


We are working through the John McKay booklet with the unusual title, ‘Cherubim, Palm Trees and the Glory of God which tracesth e progress of His glory in the history of mankind and of His people especially in regards to the Glory in the temple. We are not just talking about the glory but they are receiving it and going from glory to glory. If you have not done it, do it!!

We teach in the mornings and do groups in the afternoon which is the pattern in all these missions. The groups are going very well…they are growing: receiving and speaking revelation…they are so excited and animated and when it is time to stop they don’t want to…we have a job to get their attention back. Would that every group was like that!!

We know that they will take back all that they have received to their nations and it will bring transformation. Some have already taken it back to their churches over the weekend after the week the first team left and blessed many others!

The Lord has shown that by Friday there would be a mighty outpouring of His glory upon everyone….we can’t wait. The prophetic confirmation today was that the heavens opened and so much rain came down that we could not even see the road ahead….unusual even for Kampala. Hallelujah, what an awesome God we serve.

Love Robert, Ingrid, Nigel, Tim and Joelle

Kampala, end of day four




These have been easy, powerful and Spirit-filled days. We’ve been ministering under an open heaven and everyone here is excited about what is happening. We’re also excited about what God is saying about the college. Today, for instance, we had a time of praying in tongues all together, and listening to God. We heard consistently positive and extraordinary words about the way this college is going to serve and bless Africa – not merely east Africa, but AFRICA  – in the days ahead. 


We have been teaching Mark’s gospel all week, and each afternoon we’re using the The Way of the Spirit material on Mark to supplement the mornings teaching. It’s a rich week of being deep in the Word. Last night (Wednesday) we were only up to half way through chapter one, and I promised on Monday to finish the gospel in a week, when it seemed a straightforward prospect! Thankfully we made better progress today. There’s been so much life in the word that people are being transformed before our eyes as their minds are renewed. The UK team too are really upbeat, and similarly exited about everything he’s doing.


We’ve heard good testimonies all week about how the students are changing school by school, the most satisfying thing of all being that their churches have seen the difference their time here has made. This school is making an impact in at least six African nations.

Peter, Stephen, Aggie, Tim & Joelle (who have now joined us) are all teaching, running the group sessions and are enjoying being used. Sometimes stretched, all are growing.

Richard, Peter, Aggie, Stephen, Tim & Joelle

Kampala April 2016 so far

Only two days have gone and yet so much has happened. It’s good to be back in Kampala, at the bible college that God created ex nihilo (out of nothing) two years ago. This is the second two-week school we’ve held there (we also had a four week school last August, with another coming up this summer). Students have come from six different African nations. Many of the pastors/leaders here this time have attended the previous schools, and its obvious that they have – they’re really growing spiritually. The school is fully booked, all 50 residential spaces taken and there is a waiting list. There have been two highlights so far:

Vincent, on the right
Vincent, on the right
  1. An anglican minister called Vincent has come from Rwanda. I didn’t recognise him when I saw him yesterday, but he told me I’d met him 5 years previously in Butare, Rwanda. He told me that during that meeting five years ago he had been baptised in the Holy Spirit and his life had changed forever. Later that day I began to remember meeting him. He had been so different then! Downtrodden is the word that comes to mind, obviously lacking hope and purpose in his ministry. I recall preaching on Pentecost and the power from on high and I recall his excited eyes as he took in the truth of God’s words. He was indeed baptised in the Holy Spirit and changed forever.
  2.  I found myself  speaking today of what we saw ahead in the college: Africans running a full time school for ministers in East Africa. One thing led to another and – to cut a long story a little short – 8-10 people came forward in response to the Holy Spirit’s promptings, seeing themselves as part of a full time team one day here in Kampala. These people were from different nations. Can you see it?


Signing off for now. Richard, Peter C, Aggie, Stephen M.

Part time Prophetic Teachers School in the North West: a report

School 3 Prophetic Teachers’ Course

The Lord said it would be a robust School, equipping us all to ‘Go prophesy’ and that we would not only be equipped, but transformed to go! And it happened as He said! It was a great School, looking at the role of the prophetic in Bible history and in church history, covering exciting accounts of revivals from Old Testament times to the present day. It’s one flow, one God who never changes, He wants to dwell with His people. We also looked at using our spiritual gifts in the power and authority of the Cross and Pentecost.

The worship was wonderful and the teaching was superb and we met with God over and over, through worship and His Word and prophetic ministry one to another.

The delegates drank in the teaching and very willingly took part in the practical sessions and homeworks and we could see them increasing during the School – they positively expanded with every session! And I am confident that they will go from strength to strength in their own prophetic ministries. We have a strong united team who work wonderfully together – what a blessing that is!

The testimonies give the flavour:

– My husband and I have long carried a vision for being used in revival in our area; I can now resist the enemy and be strong in my inner most being.

– I have learnt such a lot: practical things, having pictures and prophetic words; swimming in the river of life is powerful and a lovely thing.

– The fellowship and support has been so helpful; learning that the river of life flows from us and God works through ordinary people is so encouraging. I’m going to stop striving, dream big and allow God!

– I’ve been so blessed by our praying together and the words from God that we have given and received, it spurs me on.

– God has taken off my shackles and healed the sores they had caused.

– I now want to go deeper in the Word, deeper with God.

– When I arrived here God’s peace came on me; and my desire is to go in to deeper intimacy with Him.

– I found it hard to imagine that each school would be as good as the last, but each one has given me so much that is encouraging, inspiring (by the Holy Spirit!) and practical. Instead of going away sorry that it is ‘all over’ I am looking forward to putting into practise all we have been learning about and applying it to my own life. I know there will be challenges but you have given us tools to deal with them and encouragement to keep moving on. Praise God!

So, God has done His work through the Schools and the Course Work will complete it. It has been such a delight to see. Thank You Lord!