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01508 495346

The Way of the Spirit and Church Growth in North West India

Here is an really good  testimony from a church in the Punjab who are growing fast and seeing great miracles since bringing the teaching back from The Way of the Spirit Conferences held in Chandigarh. They have nowhere to accommodate the growth so are looking to God to provide land and buildings for 1200 people.

Times of Refreshing in North West England!

The recent 2-Day NorthWest Conference held on the Wirral was excellent in every way, Janet Hutchinson writes.  It was a coming together, and celebration of, The Way of the Spirit Bible teachers from all over the northwest. We have fourteen teachers now, seven of them spoke at the conference and one led the worship – different voices and styles, but one Spirit.  They were amazing, giving strong messages from the Lord, full of revelation and power, anointed, courageous – it was a joy to hear – it was life-giving, life-changing teaching.
The conference was entitled LIVING LIFE TO THE FULL using John’s gospel to discover how to live the life that Jesus came to give us. It was a feast and the worship was joyous! The Scripture the Lord gave us was Jeremiah 31.12,14: They will come and shout for joy on the heights of Zion; they will rejoice in the bounty of the Lord. I will satisfy the priests with abundance, and my people will be filled with my bounty. And it happened.
Many came and the testimonies were very good and very real – God had spoken into people’s lives and situations and brought encouragement, conviction, challenge, heart-change, new vision – each according to their need:

– ‘The teaching was superb, such depth, absolutely amazing!’
– ‘I have never got on with my sister; she is seriously ill, and I know now that I can love her with God’s love which is in me.’
– ‘I can see people in my church being ‘strangled to death’ by sickness which they are just accepting.’ He has a new compassion and urgency to show them the Word and pray with them for healing.
– ‘I am going to take the lid off every area of my life to let God’s life in.’
– ‘I can see my faith has been subtly eroded and now it’s back! God has spoken directly to me through that message.’

I believe that the conference has also done a new work in the teachers and that we will go from strength to strength in our local areas within the northwest.  He has got many such plans still in store for us (Job 23.14).

Praise God, what a joy and privilege we have in Jesus!

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5th-11th July 2015, Framingham Earl Hall, NR14 7SB

Would you like to have come to bible college but circumstances just haven’t allowed it? Well you needn’t miss out. This 7-day school in July will be bible college in miniature. Use it as a taster or just a chance to experiencet bible college at The Way of the Spirit. During the 7 days you will participate in a variety of lectures, prayer school, discipleship and community life among people who are serious about God and growing spiritually. YOU WILL CHANGE IN A WEEK. It’s a promise and a health warning!


Building work in Kampala is well under way

Hall filled with hard core and partly done with over site
Team office and general office
Training hall supper structure -behind rooms -for team and office
Training hall super structure


Following two recent, and quite unsolicited, gifts to the ministry we have been able to begin constructing a residential bible college in Kampala. Land already owned by Agnes Kabatesi is going to be the location for the first The Way of the Spirit training school in East Africa. It will be finished by this summer, when a team from the UK is going over to hold a 4-week school.

The building will accommodate 50 residential students, and the adjoining hall will hold 200 standing, or 100 seated at desks. Do join with us in praying for the progress of the building work, provision of al funds necessary, and for the students who will find out about tit and come in August.

This first 4-week school will be the first of many such opportunities to impact East Africa.


Web site back in action: watch this space!

Our humble apologies for the poor state of the web site in recent weeks.

We’re back!

There will begin to be uptodate articles and current information on what’s happening, conferences, modules and other news.