Nagaland – Day 5

by | Mar 9, 2018

7th March: Day 5

After a coldish wet afternoon and evening yesterday it is warm and sunny today, with fair weather set in for the next few days. This morning we rose early (after good sleep) to visit the market. Actually I got it wrong yesterday, the lorries from Dimapur and Jorhat arrive each day, but on Wednesdays the village folk bring their wares (mainly food from small plots of land) to sell in the city. It was fascinating and almost mystical to see foods we never see at home including many strange shaped vegetables, rices and pulses, King chillies, and … yes bright green frogs, still jumping around either in plastic bags or, in the case of the smaller brown varieties, in plastic bottles. There was home-made rice soup, biscuits and cakes, and some small fish that apparently take a long time to catch and are presumably a great delicacy.


Day three in the classroom

Back for breakfast then into day three of teaching. This morning we saw the class warming more and more to what is going on. Even the stragglers (you can always spot the two or three who are fidgeting and not really yet into it) began finding their place and attending to what was going on. They all know so little of prophetic things and, as ever, it is a delight to introduce them to listening to God, testing and  speaking out what he says to them. We have used this simple exercise many times as it can be an effective doorway into increasingly greater insights, revelation and prophetic activity. It also brings unity and a greater sense of involvement and  prevents the teacher/student dynamic from dominating. It begins to produce a freedom that only the Holy Spirit can lead us into, not a freedom the world or religion knows much about. Given that some in this particular class have come from backgrounds where prophetic things are unheard of and sometimes actively discouraged, we are making good progress. As ever the word is doing its work, washing over us and cleansing us of tradition, religion and bondage of all kinds. It is such a great privilege being the one who gets to teach  — to be the first each time to enjoy the benefit of whatever God is doing.

Peter spoke clearly and effectively after the chapel meeting and something changed in the atmosphere. By the end of the morning we were all in a different place. OK, we hadn’t got far with John’s gospel, but 18 verses isn’t so bad in three mornings! We are believing that this flow of life will continue increasing over the next week and a half, also for the 30 minutes each morning in the chapel time to be effective in affecting the whole campus. I am having interesting discussions with Mayang about the college and their challenges. One thing is clear: an effective The Way of the Spirit team here for a season would make a big difference and help them break through the ceiling presently hindering their progress.

I am not the slightest bit tired. Even at the end of what might be considered a long morning teaching I am ready for more. Going back to the house to sit and write the blog and having nothing more to do seems a doddle. As I’m always telling the team at FEH that we get refreshed not drained doing the Lord’s work that one is anointed for I’m glad to be able to give this testimony.  The Nagaland team asked me if they were giving me too much to do. No! I don’t feel I’m doing anything! Bring on next week’s evening meetings … (Thank you prayer team back there in the UK, you are doing a wonderful job holding up our arms).


Travel tips

Here are two great travel tips.

I’m not sure why it has taken this long for me to discover noise cancelling headphones and vacuum packs for clothing. Though pricey, the headphones are worth every penny for long air flights. They not only cut out all that aircraft noise ( I had never quite realised how noisy it is in an airplane, I guess it has just been a necessity to put up with and pretend wasn’t there) but they also mean I can actually hear the film I’m trying to watch! Music, podcasts and audio books and plays also become very easy to listen to. I believe it made a big difference to how I felt after the two long flights to Jorhat.

Vacuum packs allowed me to suck the air out of the plastic bags containing clothes. This dramatically reduces the space they take up in your suitcase; sImple, cheap and effective