The Work Abroad

by | Feb 23, 2018

Open doors

We never know where one seemingly small step of obedience will lead us or what fruit will one day come from it. I remember taking the first team to Africa back in 2004, not particularly with any other plan or motive than to obey God’s leading. We went back, again as we were led, and have been back many times since. It was a long time before we saw anything established – beyond seeing seeds sown, people blessed and teams trained (for we have been as much trained, equipped and blessed as anyone we have gone to). Yet now something is materialising that is going to be the source of many rivers of life for some time to come.

Prior to this team gong out in 2004, of course, several individuals had taken steps of obedience and gone to a number of different locations around the world teaching what they had been taught. John McKay himself visited Uganda, Egypt and Malaysia, together with Marguerite and various members of the family.

We have thus seen the development from individuals  going out around the world teaching wherever doors opened, to teams beginning to go out with coordination and purpose, to today when many teams go out and something is being built abroad which itself is currently impacting several nations.

This year new doors are opening. Of the increase of his government (kingdom) and of peace there shall be no end. One day Jacob shall fill all the world with fruit.