Final sessions

Nov 8, 2018

We have had strong closing few sessions in Rwanda and are now at Brussels waiting to board for the last leg of the journey back to Heathrow.

The evening was full of challenge from the word for us all and rounded off with words of knowledge setting people free from fear, barrenness, disease and disappointment.  The conference ended Wednesday morning with most of the delegates on their knees yielding afresh to God. Their testimonies speak of going home fully alive! The DRC contingent have many hours travelling before they reach their homes, yet they are going rejoicing and count themselves privileged to have participated.

The Rwandans have also been lifted up – I think they needed it! They are full of gratitude for fruit from previous conferences but  also aware of their need (blessed are those who know their need of God) have been duly refreshed and nourished.

The team were fully involved and released what they were carrying, which went down well at every stage. We too consider ourselves privileged to be called to this work and also go home rejoicing.

Thank you to all the UK pray-ers!

Update from Zambia

It’s been a great day in the covenants, building precept by precept and ending with a powerful evening and all receiving a fresh baptism in the Spirit!

Group work also off to an enthusiastic start using Times of Refreshing.