Five Smooth Stones – Review

May 18, 2020

Many of the battles we face are within our own hearts.  Do they rage within you sometimes?  Are you winning?  Are you overcoming?  Jesus died that you might have victory over the world, flesh and the devil!  This short course will challenge you to the core, yet also transform you as you take hold of each ‘stone ’and put it to work in your life with the help of the Holy Spirit.


David learned to overcome by practicing everyday against the threats to the flock he was responsible for, the routine challenges in his life.  Thus, when the big obstacle came, he was ready and gained a quick and decisive victory over Goliath.  This course will help you get the right attitude towards your everyday challenges, and then position you to slay your Goliaths.


Get ready to see the Kingdom of God expand in your heart and life today!

Catherine Ayre

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