Day 1&2, Kigali and Bujumbura

Oct 30, 2018

We had an easy journey from Heathrow via Brussels and arrived Kigali, Rwanda last night. This morning we rested before catching the next flight to neighbouring Burundi’s capital city, Bujumbura.

We are now in Pastor Peter’s home, relaxing after a lovely meal and are enjoying hearing how recent missions here have transformed many things in many churches and how The Way of the Spirit is valued as the answer to the current needs throughout the country and region. Peter

oversees over 125 churches in several adjacent countries.

Pastors have received so much! They now, he says, teach their churches with purpose and excitement; they have been personally transformed and are transforming their congregations. He speaks of the marked difference between how they used to teach and how they teach now. In the absence of any other effective theological training in Burundi The Way of the Spirit is equipping them to fulfil their call and bring strength and growth to the churches.

Wow! What testimony of what The Way of the Spirit is achieving here, and how Nigel Fraser’s ministry (with others) over the past couple of years has already impacted so many.

We look forward to the next three days and will be seeking for his plan for the future work. Pastors  and leaders from DRC will join us.