From Africa

Mar 28, 2018

Friday will be a big day! Working together with churches and ministries in Uganda we have seen a number of pastors and leaders growing and developing beyond anything we expected when we set off on this journey. On Friday (30th March 2018) a number of them will have completed, to our satisfaction, the training which has led to them receiving a The Way of the Spirit certificate in prophetic bible teaching. It has been so encouraging to see them becoming strong in their walks with the Lord, learning to receive strength and daily encouragement from the bible and to returning to their churches competent (in Him) to minister from the new things they have learned. Many of them have transformed into men and women who are strong in spirit, confident in the word and full of the Holy Spirit. Testimonies from their own congregations have borne witness to the fruitfulness of their endeavours, many actively encouraging them to keep coming to Kampala because of the changes they have seen in them.

It has taken many resources, people and finance, to reach this point. I cannot imagine what our response would have been at the beginning if God had told us what He was going to do and what it would cost. I guess we might have been unbelieving, followed by frenetic work to try to make it happen. It is sometimes best he doesn’t show us what is ahead.

What He is showing us now about what is ahead will take many more resources than we currently have, more faith and further willingness to step forwards in obedience even when we don’t fully understand.  Lord, I am so glad it is you who is in charge, you who is leading us and providing for everything you call us to do.

One day you will fill all the world with fruit.