Blog from the DRC: Day 1-2

Mar 8, 2020

It’s been an easy journey to our destination in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

About half an hour before landing in Kigali (Rwanda) yesterday, passengers on Elke’s flight were informed that Uganda were not accepting passengers from Italy, Germany or France due to the coronavirus, (the plane was going on to Uganda after first stopping in Rwanda where she was to embark), and they would all have to return to Amsterdam!

Africa is waking up to the potential threat and we were grateful we had come now and not even a few days later. Who knows what lies ahead for travellers seeking to enter Africa from Europe?

We spent Saturday night in Kigali with Charles Semwaga and this morning flew to the border and on into Democratic Republic of the Congo, having been met by a contingent of familiar faces, those organising the upcoming conference. They were so happy to see us and so happy the day had finally arrived that The Way of the Spirit would step foot into their chaotic nation.

Our accommodation here is a pleasant surprise; beautiful views over lake Kivu, clean, comfortable rooms and lovely gardens. The rest of the team have gone out to preach while I prepare for tomorrow.