Final day of Bujumbura conference

Nov 2, 2018

We have a dilemma. How do we, day after day, report what happens on our missions when every day, pretty much without fail, we witness God ministering his life through the teaching of the bible? When delegates (and team!) are blown away by what God does? How do we find new adjectives and keep describing it as it is without it becoming predictable and dulling the senses of any readers?  

Well anyway, as you can guess, we had another great day. By the end we were all celebrating our three days together. Pastors reported being changed forever, now equipped to walk in step with the Holy Spirit anticipating abundant fruit they will see. They went home full of faith, fresh hope and certain of God’s love for them. It is a new day. 

We taught from Acts on how the apostles — now full of what the father promised — continued Jesus’ ministry, in the same way Joshua had followed Moses’, and Elish,  Elijah’s. At one point everybody came forward and God duly impacted them and imparted a fresh anointing. 

Peter is overwhelmed by the impact this is having on his army of pastors. He is desperate for us to return again and again. Send the teachers Lord!