Nagaland – Day 10

Mar 12, 2018

12th March – Day 10

It felt a little like starting again with the class this morning, Monday,  I guess the weekend break had sent them into their shells a little. Nevertheless, at last we made some good progress with John’s gospel, and also for the first time we got the students into The Way of the Spirit groups. This was really good, it is the formula we have used wherever we have gone: teaching followed by groups, and  helps to get them interacting, sharing and getting their own revelation.

The three from Bathinda joined the class for the first time and threw themselves into it. It was good to have them there, as they have been through this training previously and were able to help others along. We also got individuals up sharing their revelation after the groups which they found scary but which caused some merriment and broke some ice.

Chapel again brought a strong word carrying on from Galatians 2.20 reinforcing what had been preached last week. The faculty were delighted with the strength and clarity of it. We had lunch with the Bathinda crew, and Senti now back from the south, she wanted to know what we think of the college, what God is doing here etc. We are obviously going to have many interesting  discussions. Aman invited me to her wedding in November, and asked me to participate in the service. I’m unsure what that may mean but it may be possible to combine ministry there with a wedding and then onto Nepal. We will see, there are other challenges before then to overcome,

Pete’s cooking beef burgers tonight,