Day 3 – Bujumbura

Oct 31, 2018

We had a good day! It was the usual inevitable African slow start, as the pastors arrived from all over Burundi and east DRC. They will sleep on the floor of the church building we are gathering in for the next three nights. Most arrived during the morning and by the end of the afternoon I think the full quota had arrived.

Pastor Peter has a good grip on things and is alongside us to see the delegates get the most they can from our time together. The teaching began strongly and soon got into a good flow. Hedley and Maureen joined in as the morning progressed.

We met a lady who been beset with a number of medical issues last time a team was here, and was not at all confident of being able to conceive again. Dr Nigel had corrected a diagnosis which had helped her correct her treatment, and prayed for her. Today she is three months pregnant, with a tumour having been successfully removed, and is looking fit and well. She has her own healing ministry now and indeed prayed for maureen who, last night, had tripped fallen and hurt her wrist. Today after being prayed for she lost all pain and was able to throw off the bandage we had tracked down en route to the church this morning.

We are continuing to work through the Certificate material that previous items have taught, and so this morning was tongues and interpretation of tongues. At one stage I was surrounded by twelve or so delegates who as yet didn’t operate in that gift. As we briefly instructed them they quickly responded and began speaking out quite boldly. I was excited to see such a speedy response until my interpreter pointed out they were speaking in Swahili and Kiryrwandan! Not to be daunted we kept going and it went too long before they were speaking their own unique heavenly language.

They are bursting with questions and we look forward to moving forwards with them tomorrow.